Samola Systems’ ZEEKO hospitality app suite includes health monitoring

Global IT solutions provider Samola Systems introduced ZEEKO, a fully automated hospitality application suite that includes health screening and temperature monitoring.

It has a configurable and analytically designed dashboard that provides a wide range of standard reports, or reports can be customized.

COVID-19 health screening/monitoring

ZEEKO’s five zApps include zCare, which provides a meet and greet function for travellers before check-in, a health questionnaire and IoT-enabled temperature monitoring.

A health questionnaire is sent 14 days before embarkation for assessment by the medical team. If the traveller or crew member fails to respond, reminders are issued via text messages and emails.

Temperature-monitoring kiosks or wristbands

At check-in, a high-definition image is captured for temperature monitoring on board.

Temperatures can be recorded with a Bluetooth-enabled infrared thermometer. On the ship, thermal imaging kiosks use facial recognition software to identify the person and check their reading.

Or, everyone can be given an IoT-enabled wristband that monitors their temperature 24/7. Data are collected from the wristbands via zCare devices installed in all accommodations and public places.

Information is uploaded to HIPPA-compliant cloud storage.

Samola Systems can also provide IoT-enabled hand sanitizing dispensers to monitor crew hygiene.


zCare integrates with various third-party applications like Oracle Hospitality Cruise (OHC). With its Bluetooth technology and IoT devices, the application can also integrate with Oracle Hospitality Symphony to provide an advanced technology for order entry. Using the accelerometer functionality, staff can locate the passenger after an order is placed to deliver food or drinks.

Via a zCare voice device in the cabins, the passenger can place room service orders and integrate with OHC’s Shorex and Dining Management Systems to book tours or make dinner reservations. The device can also be used for setting up reminders and personalized messages.

Point of sale, instant feedback, attendance tracking, online booking

In addition to zCare, ZEEKO zApps include a point-of-sale system with guest-facing tablets and kiosks integrated with payment gateways. An instant feedback management app makes it easy to create, publish and conduct a survey.

An attendance-tracking tool keeps those who haven’t booked an event from entering and allows booking to gain admission. And the booking management app enables reservations for restaurants, events, parties and meetings.

Samola Systems, with branches in Miami, New Jersey and India, was founded in 2015 by Samit Lal, who has 20 years of cruise industry experience as an IT/systems manager shipboard and shoreside.

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