About Us

We are a team of experts who collaborated to build the perfect experience for the world we belong. With a hospitality domain experience of 18+ years, technology expertise of 20+ yrs, and product building experience of 15+ yrs, and finally last but not least, with an IT experience of over 20 years, this team comes together to show the world how ZEEKO can make the hospitality industry serve the guests better enhancing their cruise experience while making the life of a crew member easy in handling the guests.

The domain knowledge and the real-time experience on a ship gives us a clear understanding of how the system runs and what are the challenges that can be corrected to make the Guest experience better. The IT industry expertise gives the team a strong hold on cutting edge technologies and best in the industry practices make the perfect combination to work with. The product management experience adds the final arc to the circle of perfection.

The knowledge, technology and the process make this team the most productive and result oriented.

Wonders are made when wonderful experiences come together.