The most advanced attendance tracking system to give employees the best experience.

Application that simplifies data integration and helps in auto-time tracking of attendance
Simple in Working
An online attendance tracker that helps you simplify the tedious task of keeping attendance.
Noting Absence
This intuitive solution boasts a range of features that allow you to track absence.
Integration and Reporting
Solution provides all metrics of attendance with reports that you control.
Automatic reflection of changes in notification center.
Clock-in Clock-out
Make your events more intelligent, and take the guesswork out of session attendance and attendee attitudes.
Manage Multiple Events
You will be able to manage all your events from a single account.

zGate is a simple, intuitive, turnkey attendance tracking system

zGate online attendance system has the complete records of all guests to track attendance clock in and out for any event, shows etc. zGate has a user-friendly design and intuitive features to help guide staff through each step. Understanding the attendee journey is an integral part of increasing your event success, we provide solution that tracks session duration, show floor attendance, and allows access control. zGate right-sizes the solution to fit your event size and guest needs.

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