Technology Partners

Drive innovation and expand your business with access to the industry’s only enterprise grade, secure, complete, fully integrated cloud and on-premise portfolio. In response to what you and our customers have asked for, we’ve modernized our partner program from the ground up. Partner with Oracle and get empowered with the tools and resources you need to achieve expertise and differentiate your business. So, whether you embed your IP.
Tritan is the industry’s #1 provider of Health Information and Incident Management software platforms. Our extensive experience and specialized product suite provide us with an unmatched capability to address the unique needs of the industry. Our focus on technology innovation and 24/7 proactive service have contributed to our global success. Tritan currently supports approximately 90% of existing cruise lines with a rapidly growing presence in the Commercial Shipping, Energy and Mining.
We represent Logisoft Technologies Inc. with pride; We present ourselves as a premiere Technology, Consulting, Product Development and Software Services Company. Our Head Office located in South Plain field, NJ and Our India Office location in Hyderabad, India. We are Microsoft Official Partners – A Microsoft Certified Partner help customers with a range of IT projects and specific IT solutions.
Adept IT has championed technological innovation. We help clients overcome business challenges with custom software engineering and consultancy services that add tangible value.
Present day businesses are dependent on applications for their daily operations as well as the generation of revenue. Applications are the life force of any business and once they are installed, management revolves around monitoring, providing technical support and performing system administration tasks like installation, configuration and up-gradation. These are critical to ensure that these applications continue to run optimally.