An end-to-end robust POS software solution

State-of-the-art product, precisely developed to help manage any retail business
Reporting and Analytics
Captures and analyses vital data to generate robust reports.
Cloud Based
Simple and flexible cloud design with tangible benefits.
Customer relationship and experience
An advanced technological expedient that augments an engaged service to the guest.
Employee management
Out-of-the-box solution for seamless employee management.
Multiple payment methods/split payments
Our POS goes beyond traditional payment methods with multiple flexible payment options.
A one-stop-shop to make your promotion, discount program campaign a success.

Revolutionize Your Restaurant Operations & Delight Your Customers with Our Innovative Online Ordering

The zPOS Waiter App streamlines restaurant operations and enhances customer service with features such as Menu, Table, and Inventory Management, Payment Processing. Its mobile compatibility allows waiters to take orders and manage tables on-the-go.

Our integrated online ordering application offers a comprehensive solution to restaurants, featuring menu management, order tracking, customizable ordering options, and secure payment processing. The mobile-friendly design and intuitive interface ensure a seamless experience, allowing customers to easily place orders and track their status.

Streamline Your Operations with Our Effortless Organizational Structure

Establishing the organizational structure, whether it be for an enterprise or a local entity, is a comprehensive and detail-oriented process.  However, managing and distributing products for sale becomes effortless once set up. The POS system allows you to categorize products and organize them into menus for specific days or events, which can be activated and accessed instantly from any location.

All POS units are seamlessly integrated, ensuring that the latest changes are reflected in real-time. Tax definitions and gratuity add-ons are also simplified, with one-step procedures that are used consistently throughout the system. With this powerful tool, managing your restaurant operations has never been easier.

Optimize Your Payments with Our Wide Range of Payment Solutions

zPOS simplifies payments for both customers and restaurant owners by offering an extensive range of payment options.
From cash and card payments to online wallets and UPI, customers can choose the method that suits them best.
And with the added convenience of split payment options, paying for their meal has never been easier.
The zPOS workstation seamlessly integrates with the cash register and card receipt holder, providing a consolidated view of all payments by type and invoice. By providing such a wide range of payment options, zPOS helps restaurants improve the customer experience and simplify the payment process.

Say Thank You to Your Customers with Our Cutting-Edge Promotions and Rewards Feature

At zPOS, we understand the importance of showing gratitude to customers and growing your business.
That’s why we’ve included the best promotions and rewards management feature in our POS system.
With the ability to create promotions and schedule them for specific branches and times, you can easily show your appreciation to returning customers. The rewards program allows you to acknowledge frequent visitors with loyalty packages that they can use on their next visit.
By utilizing these powerful tools, you can not only improve customer satisfaction, but also increase customer loyalty and drive business growth.

Swipe In, Relax Out: Effortless Employee Management with zPOS

Managing employees and their shifts can be a challenging task, but not with zPOS. Our all-in-one solution includes employee management and scheduling, eliminating the need for multiple HR portals. Want to streamline the process even further?
Our automated system using pre-programmed key cards ensures accurate attendance tracking and check assignments, making the process quick and easy.
Say goodbye to manual management and let zPOS handle everything, from attendance to tips distribution, in one convenient platform.

Stock Smarts: Streamline Inventory with zPOS

Maintaining the perfect stock levels can be a challenging task for any restaurant business. But with zPOS, inventory management becomes effortless. With the inventory module, you can set the reordering threshold at a category, sub-category, or even product level to ensure you never run out of popular menu items. The module also allows you to easily remove items from the menu, if necessary, which will instantly reflect in all ordering apps. Say goodbye to manual inventory management and hello to a smarter and more efficient system with zPOS.

Empower Your Business Decisions with zPOS Reports & KPI Module

With zPOS, you can gather all the essential data and metrics to make informed decisions that drive success.
Our reports & KPI module provides you with pre-designed reports, customizable reports, and an analytical dashboard to give you a comprehensive view of your business’s performance. Say goodbye to manual data collection and hello to easy-to-use, real-time analytics that help you make data-driven decisions to improve your bottom line.

Unbeatable Support at Your Service: Your POS Partner for Life

With ZEEKO’s POS system, you never have to worry about technical issues affecting your business operations.
Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you in any way needed, whether through call, email, or a quick chat. Our dashboards are constantly monitored to ensure that any issue is resolved before you even know about it. Rest assured that with ZEEKO, you have a reliable partner for all your POS needs.

Sync and Simplify: Manage All Your Online Orders in One Place with Aggregator!

“Revolutionize Your Order Management with Aggregator: Say Goodbye to Chaos and Hello to Efficiency!”
Our POS system comes equipped with a powerful feature called Aggregator, which makes it easier for restaurants to manage and track online orders from various sources. With Aggregator, orders received from different online order applications and apps are automatically synced with the POS system.

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