Samola Systems announces its new Hospitality Application Suite – ZEEKO

Samola Systems, the global IT solutions provider with branches in Miami, New Jersey and India has come up with its new Hospitality Application Suite – ZEEKO a fully automated system, which simplifies the business processes making the guest experience better. It is built for managing small businesses with one unit and an enterprise business spread over multiple locations. It has a configurable and analytically designed dashboard that provides a wide range of reports. Consisting of five zApps under it, it is a one-stop source for all your business needs.

zCare, a product under the ZEEKO Application Suite, is designed specifically as a meet and greet for the customers before checking in, questionnaire, and IoT enabled temperature monitoring. A pre-cruise screening is ensured by sending in a questionnaire to the customers way before embark day. This questionnaire involves questions about general health, and helps the medical team assess whether or not there are any alarming health issues concerning a certain guest. In case the customer fails to respond to the questionnaire, a systematic follow up is made via messages and emails.

In the age of COVID-19, temperature screening has become the new norm. Guest and crew temperature is recorded with a Bluetooth-enabled infrared thermometer. They are then given an IoT enabled wristband that monitors their temperature 24/7. There are zCare devices installed in their respective staterooms/cabins/suites as well as all public places, that collect the data from their wristbands, and upload to the HIPPA Compliant central storage.

There are hand sanitizing dispensers installed to ensure the guest and crew’s hygiene throughout the voyage. These dispensers are installed with IoTs that enable smart monitoring so that the crew is up to date with the health specifics of all the passengers on board as well as their own. Customized notifications can be configured based on the regulatory requirements.

Another advantage of using zCare is its integration with various third-party applications like Oracle Hospitality Cruise (OHC). With its Bluetooth technology and IoT devices, the application can also integrate with Oracle Hospitality Symphony to provide an advanced technology for order entry. Using the accelerometer functionality, the staff can locate the guest after order entry to deliver the food or drinks.

Using the zCare voice devices in the staterooms, the guest can place room service orders, integrate with OHC’s Shorex and Dining Management Systems to book tours or make dinner reservations. The device can also be used for setting up reminders and personalized messages.