zCare FAQ's

What is zCare?

zCare is a health monitoring application for the hospitality industry using IoT technology.

What is IoT?

Internet of Things

What does zCare offer?

zCare offers three different solutions to choose from. Our primary solution is using Bluetooth enabled wristbands that can capture temperature, SPO2 level, Pulse and heard rate and transfers it to a HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) compliant database. Our second solution uses thermal cameras installed around the property/ship to monitor guest temperature using facial recognition. Our last solution uses facial recognition and thermal camera to read the temperature. All the three come with pre-trip/cruise questionnaire module that can be used to couture guest travel and contact history and the initial temperature scan at the time of arrival using our meet and greet app.

Do we have to use your proprietary hardware?

The wristbands are custom made to capture all the various vitals and talk to use zCare waves and gateways.

How to the wristbands know who the guest is?

At the time of check in the band will need to be assigned to a guest and the OLED will display the guest’s name.

How do the wristbands communicate with the servers?

The wristbands use the Bluetooth functionality to communicate using out zCare Wave and zCare Gateway devices placed at set intervals around the property/ship.

What is the difference between zCare Wave and Gateway?

zCare Wave is designed to be used inside a guest room/stateroom as its voice activated and can be used to communicate with the medical team or designed to place room service orders. It can be configured to setup reminders as well. The zCare Gateway is for public areas can are not voice activated.

Can you use the wristbands to open room doors?

Yes, we can add a RDID chip into them on request and can be used to program the door locks.

Can you trace where the guest has been in the past could of days on the property or ship and who have they been in contact with?

Yes, our built-in accelerometer can track the guest movement and provide the guest movement from the time they have been on the property or ship to the time they leave the property or ship once the temperature reading is above normal.

Can zCare keep a record of crew sanitizing schedules?

Yes, zCare can do this seamlessly by making your existing sanitizing stations SMART stations. Each time the crew uses the sanitizing station it will record who the guest/employee/crew is. There is no user intervention required like scanning barcodes or QR codes to identify themselves making the process less prone to human errors and very accurate.